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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 31, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. caught on camera, a bay area police officer spits at a guy he's questioning. that's not all. tonight we ask the department what is going on? >> first some breaking news in san francisco right now. a fire respected through three homes. firefighters using so much water to douse it looked like it was raining. let's get right to mark kelly in cole valley tonight, mark? >> reporter: well, ken, this fire is under control at this point, but firefighters tell me between the two buildings where this fire broke out there were five people home at the time. here's a pick we got from twitter to show you -- picture we got from twitter to show you just how big those flames got at one point. only one of the residents was
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taken to the hospital, no idea his injuries, but firefighters say he was able to walk out of the home on his own but understandably visibly shaken up. now, of course, putting out any fire is dangerous work, but this one tonight especially dangerous. firefighters say the fire started in the lower level creating what they call a dangerous chimney effect. that's where the flames could shoot up all levels of the home potentially overtaking the firefighters. >> because the fire started below and then the fire wants to move vertically and it comes up and made it difficult for units trying to get down there and put it out. >> reporter: how did you do handling that? >> well, we had an aggressive attack. we also got into the exposure building and started attacking it from there on the side, too. >> reporter: you might remember it was four years ago this two san francisco firefighters were killed in a similar fire like the one we saw here tonight where that dangerous chimney effect came
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into play. live in cole valley mark kelly, kpix5 news. some new video tonight shows an oakland police officer appearing to spit on a man and then threatening to do it again. the guy who shot the video talked to our christin ayers, a story you'll see only on kpix5. >> reporter: the young men who shot the video told me they stopped by this oakland gas station friday night to grab a drink not knowing that there was a sideshow happening nearby. they say that's when an oakland police officer stopped them and started asking questions. >> he started harassing us. he was giving me issues about my car saying it was modified and basically just kind of just giving us trouble. >> reporter: the trouble escalated when johnny said one of their friends called the officer a name. >> he said you guys are pigs. >> reporter: the officer called backup and josh and johnny say before they knew it they were surrounded. one come, this man, named officer feliz was chewing
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sunflower seeds. >> he tried to throw a chewing seed at me and he missed and he spat one at me on my left side of the shoulder. >> reporter: watch closely. this is the moment when johnny said the officer first tried to toss a sunflower seed at him, then spat one at him. >> i was really surprised because i felt like that was assault. >> reporter: moments later the officer could be heard saying if i had another, i'd do it again and josh said the harassment did not stop there. >> we didn't say they could enter our vehicles. there was no reason for them to enter our vehicles at any pointed. >> reporter: and yet josh said one officer reached into his car. >> he entered the vehicle. i just kept telling him like i didn't allow you to search the car, you know. i don't feel comfortable with you doing that. >> reporter: oakland police released a statement today saying the department immediately initiate an internal affairs investigation when we were made aware of this incident. we take this matter seriously and will conduct a thorough investigation. josh and johnny say officer feliz needs to be disciplined. >> if i were to spit on the
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officer at that moment, i would have got thrown on the ground in cuffs and in the back of the cop car for assaulting a police officer. >> i don't think that because he wears a uniform or he has a challenging job that he should be treated any differencely. >> reporter: in oakland christin ayers, kpix5. >> johnny says he plans to file a formal complaint with the oakland police department later this week. the family of kate steinle, the woman shot and killed at pier 14 in san francisco, is prepared to file a lawsuit in their daughter's death. kate was killed last month while walking with her family, the suspect an undocumented immigrant who was deported several times with a lengthy criminal record. tomorrow morning kate's family is filing a claim against the sheriff, i.c.e. and the federal bureau of land management. a student at uc berkeley is in isolation tonight after coming down with the measles and andria borba says thousands of people may have been exposed. >> reporter: the city and
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school now working to identify anyone who may have been in contact with this student and get them tested for the measles. now the infected student was on campus in classrooms around the city of berkeley from august 24th through the 29th when they were put into isolation. specifically berkeley public health officials say the student road the ac transit bus monday august 24th twice. >> that does not sound good. buses there are pretty small spaces, so i hope no one else gets sick. >> reporter: now public health officials say the measles can stay airborne up to two hours in a space making the risk of spread to the larger community much more likely. now there isn't much cal or berkeley officials can tell us about the student, their name, age or gender because of hippa laws or where they may have pick up the measles. tonight the legionnaire's outbreak at san quentin's
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prison is spreading. six inmates are treated. more than seven others have symptoms. box lunches and bottled water is still being served and prisoners are using portable showers. health officials still don't know the source of the outbreak. tonight a federal appeals court is considering whether the death penalty in california is unconstitutional. the average wait time on death row is about 17 1/2 years. the question for the judges, is that cruel and unusual punishment? tonight bay area residents are weighing in. in our exclusive kpix5 survey usa poll 55% said no, the long delays are not cruel and 55% say they support the death penalty. 35% oppose it. california has executed 13 prisoners since 1978, the last in 2006. a mystery tonight in marin county, a body washed ashore this afternoon near stinson beach. investigators have few clues
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other than to say it is a man. they're doing an autopsy to determine how he died and working to identify him. well, two southwest airlines jets are undergoing repairs tonight after they bumped wings. this photo was taken by a passenger last night. the plane he was on was pushing back from the gate when its wing hit the wing of another plane. you can see a chunk of the wingtip was torn off. chopper 5 was overhead this afternoon as crews were making repairs. no one was injured. southwest says it is conducting an internal investigation to figure out how this happened. a blame game tonight over who created the mess on highway 101. this is what drivers had to endure this weekend on the peninsula, gridlock for miles and miles. it started friday night when a construction crew hit a transmission power on broadway in burlingame. kpix5's mike sugerman asked who is responsible? >> reporter: the suspect in the case, this hyundai r320lc9
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excavator likely killed thousands of people's plans to get somewhere in a timely fashion this weekend. how does this happen? how does a guy hit a pole with an excavator? >> that's exactly what we want to get to the bottom of. >> reporter: caltrans strike ball a new off and on ramp in burlingame and hired ghillotti construction company to help them and ghillotti hired jafac usa to help him. that excavator somehow hit a huge power tower and brought it to its knees. he must have really whacked it. >> he must have hit it very hard to do that damage that he did. >> reporter: the tower folded like a cheap card table bringing with it live power lines across the freeway and a weekend's worth of work to fix it, snarled traffic lines closing some of the lines some of the time. those who blame? >> that's something we have to look into. >> reporter: at stake tens of thousands of dollars in overtime for pg&e crews who worked around the clock to reach place the big metal
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tower, these two big wooden ones a temporary fix. pg&e will have to come out again in the coming months to replace the third of these triplets. >> our customers will not be charged for this incident. we'll be working with jafac construction to address all these issues and we're doing our own investigation as well. >> reporter: we tried to get ahold of jafac today. we haven't heard back yet. no one has officially taken responsibility for the mishap that wiped out thousands of people's weekend stuck in miles of traffic. in burlingame mike sugerman, cbs5. >> that ramp under construction is supposed to be completed in 2017. tonight a los gatos teen admitted he accidentally started a fire that gutted this school. investigators say a 17-year-old told him he and some friends went to the school late last night to smoke pot. no one had any, so they decided just to hang out. they lit a cardboard box to keep warm and when they lefts, the boy put the ashes -- left,
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the boy put the ashes in the can. that resulting fire caused $1 million in damage. there is no word if the boy will face charges. school will resume tomorrow in los gatos. tired of the delays and mounting cost on a hospital expansion project, now the contractor in a get the axe, kpix5's len ramirez on how levi's stadium may play into this turf war. >> reporter: workers for turner construction continue to build valley medical center's new hospital wing, but by this time next week they could all be fired. >> we're prepared to lock them out of the projects. >> reporter: the county hired turner -- project. >> reporter: the county hired turner construction in 2008, but delays pushed the project back from a 2013 completion to 2016, now backed up to 2017. the delays may even be tied to the building of levi's stadium. >> the minute that levi's stadium project offered an
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incentive for early completion, turner, who is the general contractor there, pulled many of its subcontractors and our projects we believe got neglected. >> poppy cock, absolute nonsense. >> reporter: the turner company absolutely denied they favored the stadium over the hospital. >> turner builds thousands of projects a year. it knows how to build two projects at the same time. >> reporter: turner said it was county mismanagement and change orders that often sent crews home early without working. >> we think this is more a pr exercise on the part of the county and less about the facts. >> reporter: but this letter obtained by kpix5 from last june shows the contractor had trouble passing routine inspections. >> when you talk to turner, they will portray themselves as victims in this process, but the real victims are the patients and the county t pairs.
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>> reporter: and speaking -- and the county taxpayers. >> reporter: speaking of costs, the can. is losing 36 mull on-- the county is losing $36 million a year by not having all those hospital beds open. a protest gets nasty, a mob of bikers attack a woman's car, tonight what starts a violent confrontation on a bay area street. >> yahoo ceo marissa meyer makes a big announcement tonight, twins. >> tonight a bay area scientist reveals the best way to fight ,,
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my name is chris hughes and i am a certified arborist for pg&e. i oversee the patrolling of trees near power lines and roots near pipes and underground infrastructure. at pg&e wherever we work, we work hard to protect the environment. getting the job done safely so we can keep the lights on for everybody. because i live here i have a deeper connection to the community. and i want to see the community grow and thrive. every year we work with cities and schools to plant trees in our communities. the environment is there for my kids and future generations. together, we're building a better california. tonight police opened an
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investigation into a road rage incident involving cyclists and a terrified driver. it was all captured on video. joe vazquez shows us. >> that type of behavior can't be tolerated in our city. >> reporter: san francisco's supervisor mark ferrell took a close look at the video friday night, a woman in a zipcar surrounded by bicyclists from critical mass. as the woman decides to drive off, a bicyclist begins to smash her windows several times with a u shaped bicycle block. >> let me over [ bleep ]. >> i think it's ridiculous the behavior that happened. that person should be held accountable. you don't want to be too quick to condemn an entire group or organization that's been very peaceful over the past few years of. >> reporter: the person who posted the video did not respond to our requests for interviews, but we noticed he or she has many postings of rudeness on the road. this little guy apparently get
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hit by a car driver who wasn't watching where he was going and then the bus driver who refused to led a disabled man on board and yet another scene where a driver and cyclists get in an argument. the driver lurchs toward one of the psych lives, almost hitting him -- cyclists, almost hitting him. detractors say local officials encourage this sort of behavior by letting it go on. >> what city government allows to go on is a group of bicycle riders. at no point do we sit there and tolerate riding into oncoming traffic, violence or anything like that. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix5. tonight the state department released more than 7,000 e-mails from hillary clinton's private serve are. 125 -- server. 125 have been censored saying they now contain private material. some of the e-mails even talk about refraining from
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discussing sensitive issues outside the government's secure messaging system. tonight reporter craig boswell says two new polls show the underdogs in the race for the white house are giving hillary clinton and donald trump a run for their money. >> this was the summer of trump. do you believe this? how good is this for my ego? >> reporter: donald trump has had a successful run so far, but all that could soon change. a new survey out monday morning shows trump is now tied in 0 with dr. ben -- in iowa with dr. ben carson. brad blakeman was a senior staff member for president george w. bush and now teaches at georgetown. >> people want to see more of donald trump in policy and substance. they've already got enough in entertainment value. >> reporter: the polls have not been kind to hillary clinton either. a des moines register poll released this weekend shows clinton with 37% support, a steep drop from her peak in may. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. we're not even past 2016
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yet, already getting our first glimpse at a contender for 2020. >> as you probably could have guessed by this moment, i have decided in 2020 to run for president. [ cheering and applause ] >> yup. kanye west. i was just thinking that, why not? the rapper made the declaration during a rambling speech at the vmas last night in los angeles. kanye's sister-in-law khloe kardashian posted this photo on instagram. he looks forward to seeing what slogan kanye comes up with. we have learned that yahoo ceo marissa meyer is pregnant again, this time with twins. she tweeted excited to announce we are expecting identical twin girls and in a blog post she says, "i plan to approach the pregnancy and delivery as i did with my son three years ago taking limited time away and
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working throughout." there is no cure for the common cold, but researchers at ucsf think there may be a way for you to avoid getting it. >> the answer may lie in your pillow, yeah. researchers tracked sleep patterns of people for a week using a assumed up scientific fit bit. after a week they injected them with the cold virus. they say there was a clear amount of zs that seemed to set people up for immune system failure, six hours seemed to be the tipping point. >> people that are chronically sleep deprived say getting five to six hours sleep a night for a long period of time are the ones that have kind of the run down immune system and are the ones that are particularly vulnerable. >> the study found people who left five hours or less were 4 1/2 times more likely to catch a cold and an extra hour didn't seem to help much. bottom line. shoot for seven hours or more a night. >> i get about six. what do you get, ken? >> i get about 16.
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>> not enough until the kids go away to college, which is many moons away. triple threat in the pacific ocean, the first time in recorded history that three major hurricanes were all in existence at the same time. why? because of el nino. look at my weather maps. we are well into the very strong categories. as a matter of fact, on this final day of august, this is the strongest el nino signal in the month of august ever in recorded history, stronger than 1997, than 1982, the two other very strongyl gnomeos. one can only hope -- strong el ninos. one can only hope we will have a wet winter. concord is currently 65 dropping to 60, san rafael 58 degrees. a ridge of high pressure did move, area of low pressure kind of bashful hanging out to the north. when it gets closer wednesday and thursday it, will cool us down and we'll see some of our coolest afternoon weather away from the water since may where
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highs will not even hit 80 degrees, but then that low high tails it out just in time for the holiday weekend. a new ridge will build closer to the bay area that will rise temperatures once again to near or above average. if you like it cooler, wednesday and thursday will be your favorite days. nobody hits 80 degrees. the majority of the cooling will be inland, temperatures not dropping that much near the water and rainfall, we could use it, el nino? not yet. we're dry at least the next seven days. concord 85 tomorrow, san jose 81, fremont 76, sunnyvale, sunny day, high 80 degrees, antioch hits 86. a little fog in the morning in san francisco, afternoon sunshine 70, kentfield, san rafael 80. extended forecast, we're cooler wednesday and thursday. everybody in the 60s and 70s, warming up for the holiday weekend, but nobody hitting 90. we will be warm but not hot. that is your forecast. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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guess who stopped in san francisco today? >> david letterman. >> david letterman, but you might not even recognize him.
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there he is, dave with the dark sunglasses, thick white beard. the recently retired late show host is in town to celebrate the indycar series championship which wrapped up yesterday in sonoma. dave co-owns one of the racing teams. >> this has taken up a lot of interest and time and attention and without it i don't know what i would have been doing. you start in florida and you end in california and to be in it at the end is all you want. as long as you got a shot, that's all you want. it's tremendous. it was very exciting. >> when asked if he will watch stephen colbert take over his spot next week, dave said yes. he will be in the front row with his family. >> that is cool. speaking of colbert, check out his new cold brew coffee or col brew they're calling it only available for people in new york on the day of the premier. >> hey, that's not fair. >> you can catch the late show next tuesday september 8th
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right here on kpix5. >> you know who his first guest it going to be on his debut? >> we know a couple of the first people. >> well, jeb bush is going to be there. >> that's right. >> he's going bush over trump. before the presidential race we've got a pennant race, giants and dodgers going
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sea monster in the water hazard here. i believe that's a "kraken", bruce. it looks like he's going to go with a nine iron. that may not be enough club... well he's definitely going to lose a stroke on this hole. if you're a golf commentator, you whisper. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. this golf course is electric...
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the giants played their biggest game of the season tonight in los angeles coming into play 3 1/2 games back of the dodgers in the west. bruce bochy, where are the sunflower seeds? he's a nervous man. 6th inning tied 3-3, but andre ethier solo shot, back, back and gone. dodgers lead 4-3. 8th inning marlon byrd comes up big at the right time, base hit, his third r.b.i. of the night. so we go to the bottom of the 9th, runner on third base. it's jimmy rollins with the chance to win it for the
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dodgers and hey, struck him out and right now this game is in the 12th inning. the giants and dodgers are tied at 4-4. state the a's were insured fortunately. down 3-0 in the 3rd when wolinski doubles to left. 3 runs score. a's win their third straight. serena williams trying to become the first women since 1988 to win all four grand slams in the same year, didn't break a sweat against her opponent winning the 1st set 2- 0 and and in the 2nd set her opponent retired due to tan ankle injury. trent richardson, part of the first round of cuts, the third overall pick in 2012. just five months ago the raiders signed him to a
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guaranteed two year contract of $600,000 because it was guaranteed the raiders are on the hook to pay that money, trent richardson out of the oakland raiders and the final roster will be set saturday. >> blues second round like that boom, see you, didn't make it -- lose second round like that boom, see you, didn't make it. ,
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bluebloods is up next. >> our next newscast tomorrow morning at 4:30, see you bright
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and early after my 16 hour sleep. sleep. >> good night. he's on the move. heading south on broadway towards 46th street. cuckoo! you're screwed! (grunts) all right, all right, all right. (squawks) calm down. i'm lieutenant mccarthy, sir. how are you doing today? and i'm crazy! sir! why don't you just step down, and we can talk, okay? no, no, no. screw you! and you! and you! all of you! what are you looking at, huh? (man spits, crowd gasps) food for the needy! hey, hey! come on now. not for the greedy! move the perimeter back 50 feet immediately. food for the needy! not for the greedy! screw you! come on. see if you can lay a hand on him, okay?


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